To the Grave (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #2)

I have been shuttling between multiple books and therefore a little behind my previous record of a review a day. I managed to finish this book ( Kindle unlimited audible version , so not much effort on my part) in about two sittings, one much longer than the other.

Though the title may seem ominous, that at least is a reference to a mildly happy point in the book. I discovered the first book of this series a month or so ago, and plan to see it through to how many ever are available. Hopefully they will all come with the narration, because the narrators seem especially skilled in giving the right ‘feel’. Since the stories are all separate to an extent I have not clubbed them into one review like I have done some others.

This book starts off with a woman finding out she is adopted when she is in her 60s due to the arrival of a vintage suitcase holding some curious articles. As in the previous book, somebody is out to make sure the secrets of the past are not allowed to come out and will go to any lengths for the same purpose. JT travels to England again for this mission and then sets off with the help of the current residents of the family home where the story begins. Parallelly we are given the account of what happened in the past concerning our story. The level of detail in the descriptions was very interesting and despite JT sounding like a most anti climactic hero, this is a good series to pursue. JT suffers lesser bodily harm than in the previous case but this family’s history has him rethinking his own and therefore building the drama for furture books!

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