Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

I have decided, surely but slowly to actually read ‘The’ books, books that are usually the first in the list for any aspiring bibliophile. I may not have started with one of the more popular ones but this one does have a niche of its own.

This a story of an enigmatic man, Mr Phileas Fogg. He makes a rash wager in the same pace as he does most things and sets off with his faithful new manservant to make a trip around the world in eighty days. He faces more than the obvious setbacks. It is not something that can be labelled scintillating stuff but was obviously the first of its kind.

Overall, there is latent humour in most chapters as well as a detective on the trail of a wanted bank robber dogging them. They end up in rescues and fighting and other skirmishes as they make their way home.

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