Duplicate Death (Inspector Hemingway #3) by Georgette Heyer

After a long time, I am posting three reviews at one go. They obviously come from three different categories i.e Paperback,kindle pdf and audible and therefore needed different levels and times dedicated to their completion.

I rated this book 5 stars mostly because I enjoyed the narration. The conversations between Chief Inspector Hemingway and Inspector Grant are hilarious to say the least.

There are a set of characters introduced some more unsavory than the others. The Kane family is worried about young Timothy falling for an ‘adventuress’ , to confirm the same his elder half-brother sets off to investigate. While in London, Timothy’s sort of fiancée has been implicated in a crime and chaos ensues. Inspector Hemingway is in charge of the case and uses his unique style to arrive at the truth.

This particular book reminded me of my old Agatha Christie days thrown in with a dash of P.G Wodehouse’s sarcasm and an unexpected twist laid in gently so that it takes you by surprise but not as crazy to make it seem impossible and therefore jarring to the flow of the story.


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