Historical fiction

Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark T. Sullivan

This book is based on a true story and the author has labelled it under fiction only because of the lack of information that backs the story. It has been seventy years since the story occurred and there is a dearth of people still alive who could add to the tale.

I am taking this book as factual ( there seem to be a few on Goodreads who are viewing the possibility of its validity quite critically). There is also an extreme possibility that this might be the next Hollywood war movie in the making. The tale is of an individual who in his own little way created an impact in war-torn times.

I enjoyed the book thoroughly and read only the last ten percent and the rest as audible narration.

This book contains the story of a teenager on the verge of becoming a legal adult and Italy is under siege in more ways than one. There are many people in the midst of this war trying to preserve their humanity. They do their ‘bit’ and though the impact may not be as massive as some that we might have heard before, I am sure there will be some family out there who might beg to disagree about the importance of the actions.

Pino Lella may not be an ideal hero but his behaviour at a trying time does require applause. The book contains the heart and soul of what it could mean to fight against the tide and live with the decisions you have made.

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