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At Wave’s End: A Novel by Patricia Perry Donovan

I managed to juggle two books one in digital format and another in paperback and will be reviewing both tonight.

The first is this book that I got through NetGalley’s website and since it’s archive date was earlier than the others already on my ‘to read’ list I bumped it up and list and completed reading it.

The book has multiple layers and features a lot of different relationships playing at tandem throughout the story. Adversity usually brings out a side of the people involved that may be totally unexpected and uncharacteristic, this particular feature forms the backbone of this book.

I was not too convinced when the story began of the depth with which the story was unfolding, but once disaster struck and everyone took up their end of the responsibilities the tale took off.  The lead protagonist, a Chef named Faith is struggling with multiple changes in her life as well as financial considerations. Her flighty mother wins a bed and breakfast in a small town and wants to run it. Then the weather turns violent and everyone has to face the repercussions of nature’s fury.

The people are lovable and flawed in their own ways, the only fault could be having too many dynamic people crowding the ‘Mermaid’s Purse’ but then again, that is how the world usually works!

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