The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

This book would theoretically come under ‘Classics’ but I would not want to start a category that I may not add any more books to.

In 2012 I was gifted a haul of books from the Strand in NY which I am ashamed to admit I may not have read completely. There is a certain amount of confidence that comes with owning a book that someday, when trapped inside the four walls of the house, you can finally get around to reading it.

Miraculously without such a drastic situation, I managed to finish this book completely.

The story centers around the ‘Moonstone’ which having been stolen from its rightful place in India comes with its own personal curse. It has been passed onto a young lady on her birthday and from then on confusion arises. The story is filled with quirky candidates who display their own characteristics in their own narrations. When referred to in another’s narrative they sound quite different from their own mental picture though which makes the book a pretty good read.

The mystery is convoluted enough that it is not a good idea to try to take a stab at solving it. The highlights of the journey are the people and their myriad thoughts. The book has multiple mentions of ‘Hindoos’ which I have to admit makes me cringe unnecessarily at times. It does indicate however how intricate popular mystical beliefs of India must have been at that time! The book dances to a different tune than most books of that time and therefore should be read at least once.

P.S There seems to be a series on BBC based on this tale and I am debating on whether I should make an attempt to try it out. I know this has nothing much to do with the review but I tend to ramble sometimes( and therefore even with second thoughts I shall not delete the P.S).

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