Closed Circles (Sandhamn #2) by Viveca Sten

This is the second in a Swedish mystery series that I had read earlier. I had read the first one ages ago and brushed up on it before starting this one. There is no such requirement though since this is a completely different story with a few recurring characters.

The next in line to lead the Royal Swedish Yacht Club has been shot just as a very important race was to begin. An investigation starts into both him and other members of the prestigious club.

There are further issues that unfold over the course of the case.Nora who featured more prominently in the previous book has only a small but crucial role. Her life is hard without the added bonus of having to work on the case. Hopefully things pick up for her in the next book. Hidden lives cause upheavals in the proceedings. The story builds gradually and there is a small chance of predicting the end. Even though not originally written in English it is a very good read. I can only imagine how good it must have been in the original Swedish!

There is drama and cold-blooded behaviour at multiple stages and though the ending is not very satisfactory for the usual reader I can imagine quite a few people warming up to it.I heard this book through audible and enjoyed the narration.

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