The Last Queen of England (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #3) by Steve Robinson

This book started off with a lot of interesting information which started a discussion or two with people near me. Then it became too much information for me to process. The complexity of this third case of Tayte the genealogist (that I have read) is quite a few levels above that of the previous two. It took me awhile to get the hang of what the actual plot was ( despite the interesting facts).

Tayte is back in England and visiting his mentor who tries to set him up on a dinner date. The set up runs a little long when Marcus is killed and the case he was working on is now in jeopardy. There are multiple chases, shootings and life threatening situations and quite a few people who lose their lives during those very situations.

Jean Summer (the date) seems to be set to become a recurring character( hopefully). The book unlike the previous ones does not just leave Tayte’s past hanging but also the case introduced in the book ( are they connected? I will find out with the next book in the series which has already been queued). This left me dissatisfied and therefore I gave this book only three stars. ( I can afford to do that since I have had a good few weeks of reading).

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