Detection Unlimited (Inspector Hemingway #4) by Georgette Heyer

I reached the final book in the Inspector Hemingway book series and I have moved the next series of some other inspector onto my list. There is a certain satisfaction in finding a book as good as you expected it to be ( neither more nor less). This was one such book.

The story moved in such an unexpected direction in the revelation part of the book that it felt like a whole other book all on its own. This was just about the only reason the book did not get the full quota of five stars. The story is set in a tiny town with an assorted ensemble of high-end eclectic people with different issues at stake. The victim ( in the loosest sense of the word) was a solicitor trying to shove his way up into the ranks of society which ultimately seemed to have caused his demise.

Scotland Yard is called for immediately and they set about to work in the usual fashion. This was a good way to end the series. I hope the next one is even better at least plot wise.


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