A Quiet Life in the Country (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #1) by T E Kinsey

I managed to stumble on a whole new series that for some strange reason I have passed over quite a few times in favour of other darker books.

I corrected that mistake today by thoroughly enjoying the book. It must have been the narration being the added bonus to my enjoyment that might have been the reason for my five-star rating but I am not complaining.

The story is a simple narration of a idiosyncratic pair of a lady and her lady’s maid who have decided to rusticate in the countryside in England in 1908. They have had harrowing adventures in the past and are looking for rest and indulgence in hobbies when trouble rears its head in their midst. There are a total of two murders, multiple arrests and a whole lot of danger involved by the time the case is wrapped up. The conversations are refreshing and mildly funny ( just enough to not interfere with the case at hand) .

I seriously considered writing a review for all three books published till date simultaneously but then could not help myself knowing that it might be a while till I get around to completing the series.

This is definitely a book for a rainy evening in ( Which reminds me that I have to make my compilation list shortly, probably after a few more reviews)

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