Chick lit

Seeds of Intention (Hesse Creek #2) by Andrea Thome

This is another book from NetGalley which I downloaded since it was available to read immediately. Unfortunately it did not seem to be the right fit for me at this time. I did not have the time to connect with the lead protagonists before their romance began and there was not much emotional investment from my end in order to make me enjoy the book.

The story is the second in a series ( The first of which I have not read) which showcases the happy life of the couple established in the previous book and the introduction of the next couple in line for their happy ending. The writing was good , it was just that the story did not reach me. There have been many times where I have rated a low rated book highly but this seems to be a rare occasion where I am not giving the same rating as many others. This could of course mean this was but an off day and hopefully others enjoy it more than I did.

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