Guiltless (Sandhamn #3) by Viveca Sten, Marlaine Delargy (Translator)

This book is, for the next two months at least, the end of the series since the rest have not yet been published in English.

Closed Circles (Sandhamn #2) by Viveca Sten ( Was the previous book, the first I did not review on this blog having read it more than a year ago)

I have read a few books before this one which had been translated from their native languages into English but none have been as captivating as this series ( considering that the previous count is not too many this might be presumptuous).

The dark element in the previous two books of the series is even further drawn out in this one since it is the middle of winter and the oppressive darkness of the landscape seeps into almost every chapter of the book. Initially it is hard to understand what the parallel flashback story has to do with the current case at hand but before the book wraps up there is a seamless transfer of information.

Nora is back on the island of Sandhamn with her sons and a whole load of troubles. The kids stumble on something that opens an older case and Tomas is back to investigate. His ex-wife is back in Stockholm and open to reconnecting. In the past we here about a family torn by situations and upbringing which may have caused lingering tensions.

The book does not end on a happy note and I will definitely have to read something lighter now to make sure I can move on from the dreariness. That of course has nothing to do with how good the book was!

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