House. Tree. Person.: A Novel of Suspense by Catriona McPherson

This is a book that I downloaded via NetGalley as an advance copy ( I did not use the word again or also because I realized it is getting repetitive. Anyone who is following my blog would have been introduced to the idea that I have been getting books via NetGalley. Those who reach my blog for the first time will see the badge I put on the main page with childish glee)

This book has been sitting for a while in my kindle and I decided to pay some attention to it since after two weeks this will not stay an advance copy. The format of conversation and the sudden change of location of where the lead protagonist currently is, was a little confusing in the first few chapters but once the story got going it was an interesting book.Considering how many books involve people who have mental problems, there is a certain amount of plot lines we may have already come across. There are a few clichés in the book but it is very interesting when we figure out which combination is the basis of the story ( Which is of course the whole joy of reading this genre)

Ali is starting a new job at a psychiatric facility,( In this regard, I looked up the term ‘House Tree Person’ the same time as she did and realised I should have probably done it before because of  the title)  it causes unpleasant flashbacks. We figure out in pieces what had gone wrong in the past. She has to deal with issues both current and the ones in her mind. There is a body that was uncovered in an abbey opposite their house and we do not know in the beginning what ( if anything) Ali has against that place. There are things that are unravelling and we watch as the twisted knots come apart to give us clarity. The last couple of chapters actually pushed me from giving this book three stars to giving it a four.( This is out of five which seems to be the norm on most websites, Netgalley and Goodreads to name a few). Her husband and son also seem to be acting funny which adds to her already full plate.

P.S: It is more of a suspense novel as the title rightly claims but since I have come across few books so far that are singularly suspense, I shall label it under my already used category of Thriller.



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