Night Road by Kristin Hannah

I primarily borrowed this book to confirm if it was the story that captivated me in The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah or if it was the author’s storytelling style. I have come to a conclusion that it might be both. Two books however is a small sample space and this definitely means I will be on the lookout for the next book that is available to me by the author.

There are very few times one would want to expand on why they spent the morning in tears and this is one of those times. I had to play a mindless game of candy crush between finishing the book and writing this review in order to compose my thoughts. There might be few critics ( emphasis on the word few) out there who would say there is too much emotion in this book but it is time well spent.

The story is of a fractured whole , at the beginning just Lexi trying to find acceptance, later it’s seeking forgiveness from outside when all they had to do was look within. Lexi makes her first fast friend who takes her into her fold which includes a very present mother , easy-going father and an extremely popular twin. Tragedy strikes and everyone copes the best way they know how , which is not up to any proper standard of living. When the cracks are exposed and when Jude ( The mother) is about to fall through , things change and finally (my) tears let up and there is hope to look forward to.

All the protagonists go through heart wrenching moments but their true nature wins out which makes this book a must read for all those who would appreciate the emotions described above.

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