Historical fiction

Seasons of the Moon by Julien Aranda

The following few days are probably going to have multiple reviews within it, because the books on my shelf are relatively thinner and I have as usual all the time in the world to peruse them.

I got access to this book thanks to NetGalley and it is due to be published next month. It is a translation from french ( It is surprising how many translated books that are coming my way , and how many of them I am relishing) and it is very beautifully written. I use the word beautifully since the language is like wide brushstrokes that you can admire separate from the whole painting ( In this case book/story).

The story is simple enough , it is the tale of Paul Vertune starting from his birth to his death. He has a few adventures along the way but at no stage do you have the sudden twists that I have come to expect from books of this sort. The boy Paul grows into adulthood, learning to play the roles of life to the best of his ability. His fascination with the moon stays with him throughout his life . He is a good man and it is easy to give him the mantle of lead protagonist. The human bonds, dreams and hopes as well as hard work involved in life are well documented and all of the above makes this book a very good read.

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