Chick lit

The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg

This is the second book that I have read of the author and the recurring( if the word recurring can be used for two times) theme has been of an older woman in a life changing juncture and what she does with it consists the body of the tale.

This book is peppered with bits of wisdom, either directed at each other in the book itself or to us, the world at large.I realized the tone of the book half way through, whimsy, they used the word in passing in the book and thought it a perfect description. The lead protagonist Betta has just lost her husband and is following through on a promise she made to him. He has left crumbs behind to help her along, something she realizes later. She uproots herself from their shared domicile and puts down new roots elsewhere. The cast of that ‘elsewhere’ includes a lovable child, a misused millennial and his eccentric roommate, a spunky realtor, a crotchety old lady and last but not the least her old college roommates. This last interaction is what endeared the book to me the most. The ups and downs of sharing living space with women/girls who may or may not be like you is well described.

There is an incident where one of the friends calls and reaches the voicemail and ends up leaving a rambling long message till the beep cuts her off and there is a guarantee in her mind that Betta will definitely listen to it! This exact scenario has been played out with me on either side of that voicemail and it sent me back a few years and memories of random manic giggles.

The people involved are in no way perfect and there is a little bit of emotional soul-searching but I could relate to the people ( though they are nowhere close to my age group) and thereby enjoy the story.

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