The Lost Empress by Steve Robinson

This book brought back the pace of the first two books of the series, which was missing in the third book.

The previous good books were :

  1. To the Grave (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #2)
  2. In the Blood (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #1) by Steve Robinson

This case brings Jefferson Tayte back to England ,  he seems to be travelling to England in every book since he has comparatively gotten over his fear of flying. It therefore occupies less space in the tale itself.

The story shuffles between the past and the present and meets in time for the final revelations. I have come to realize that the narration of the ongoing hard life of the past victims with the knowledge that it is not going to get easier is difficult to listen to. This is a case of a young lady whose family was in trouble and she did the best she can to save it. In the current time though, her family does not have a good enough opinion of her.Of course the ‘her’ is debatable since there seems to be a dual identity crisis. Tayte begins his investigation with the sinking of a ship bound to Liverpool from Quebec called the Empress of Ireland ( which as it turns out is all based on fact) and the case gets more convoluted from there. There are helpful participants in his research as well unhelpful and dangerous ones in equal amounts.

Perhaps it was the absence of investigation or mentions into his own past that made this book worth a read but the future would tell , and I am nearing the final revelation about his past.

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