Chick lit

Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

If I had to use one word for the narration in the first half of the book, I would use ‘breathless’. Too much was happening one after another before the emotion could settle in. There is a lot of apparent back and forth but in actuality the story is very linear.

The story is of a woman just past her sixtieth birthday who downsizes to keep her low finances under wraps. She is a photographer by profession and is trying to reclaim her lost pedestal. The new small town she moves into is very different from her life in New York City. She forges a new life for herself as a whole new person and ‘finds herself’ without actually meaning to.

The book is a good read for the genre and is also small enough to complete in a short time. I could not connect to the book to the extent I would have liked to and therefore have ended up with just giving it three stars.

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