In The Market For Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #2) by T E Kinsey

There are rare books that are enjoyable despite the core of the story being about murder, theft and frauds. This is certainly one of them. I borrowed this book ( Kindle audible) with high hopes after the first book of the series. Luckily my hopes were realized.

The lovable pair of Lady Hardcastle and Flo ( the narrator) are back for a third adventure ( looks like the second adventure was not converted into a book for our enjoyment) . Lady Hardcastle is still recovering her full health and ventures out tentatively with Flo by her side. Within the week they have a new murder on their hands which they are officially asked to unofficially investigate. Before they could wrap their head around the possibilities, there is a robbery too small for the higher-ups to investigate so that responsibility is given to them as well.

To add additional dimension to the story, there is a spiritualist holding a séance and a spirit causing havoc in the local pub at night. Then of course there is the usual repartee between the lady and her ‘tiny servant’ which is almost the only reason I read this book with glee. The case revelation did not come as a surprise the way the case was turning. But the book is a must read anyway. If I was to highlight one whimsical conversation between the characters it would be the joy Lady Hardcastle got out of constantly repeating the name of a character whose first name rhymed with the last ( read to figure out more)

I realize I am dishing out more reviews than humanly possible for a disinterested viewer to digest well. It does slow down on the weekends ( reverse of most normal people) but I have been stumbling onto a few chosen pieces that I do feel like reading ( and reading quickly at that) or listening like the case above where the narrator more than enriches the experience. To summarize, there is more where this came from.

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