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Books vs Moods IV

Books vs Moods III was the previous instalment , please do check it out if this is the first time you are viewing a page of this website. Even if you have been here but have not checked out the previous three instalments please do so. I do not repeat the books in these lists ( unless I make a mistake of some sort) and all of them are making their debut on this list series( I can call it a series since this is now the fourth of its kind!) and is not placed in order of preference.

I have included three books in this list which are technically different from the others         ( see if you can spot them!) because they tell more of their bit with pictures and with lesser words than the other ( books based on comic strips ).

I was just planning on putting all the links of the blog posts this month on this page,leave it as a draft and wrap up for the day but it turned out I had four books in each category which is my usual minimum ( without even juggling a few books between the titles!). This meant I could release this post tonight and since I might be slowing down my average reading consumption, Books vs Moods V may take its own sweet time making its appearance.

Reading group analysis( Profound/cerebral/debatable)

  1. Collected Hong Kong Stories by David T K Wong
  2. Shakti Rising by Kavitha M. Chinnaiyan
  3. How to Be Perfectly Unhappy by Matthew Inman
  4. Night Road by Kristin Hannah
  5. The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O’Farrell

Rainy day read(cosy/comfortable/Tearful)

  1. Bertie’s Guide to Life and Mothers (44 Scotland Street, #9) by Alexander McCall Smith  
  2. In The Market For Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #2) by T E Kinsey 
  3. The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg
  4. Seasons of the Moon by Julien Aranda

Restless energy (Chase/thrill)

  1. Say You’re Sorry (Morgan Dane #1) by Melinda Leigh
  2. The Lost Empress by Steve Robinson
  3. House. Tree. Person.: A Novel of Suspense by Catriona McPherson
  4. Guiltless (Sandhamn #3) by Viveca Sten, Marlaine Delargy (Translator)

 Usual reading mood( Needed some heading for miscellaneous )

  1. Dust (Richard Jury, #21) by Martha Grimes
  2. Fowl Language: The Struggle Is Real by Brian Gordon
  3. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
  4. Heart and Brain: Body Language: An Awkward Yeti Collection by The Awkward Yeti


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