Say You’re Sorry (Morgan Dane #1) by Melinda Leigh

I found my way back into the books I had been gorging myself on when I first stumbled onto Kindle unlimited. I assumed that this series was complete ( Did not check properly, as usual) and proceeded to start the audible narration on this book.

I was hooked onto the story almost immediately after having stumbled past the sad beginning. The only advantage of that sort of start to a book ( with an books such as this) is the guarantee that the criminal would be brought to justice. This review comes with my semi standard disclaimer that it is not for the faint of heart. The evil involved in the book comes in many shapes and sizes and Morgan Dane is prepared to find and reveal it.

Morgan Dane is on the edge of starting a fresh lease on her life when things seem to go haywire around her. She questions her faith in more than just the justice system.She decides to lend a helping hand to an investigation that she considers shoddily dealt with and takes unasked of responsibilities. High paced hostage situations occur a surprising number of times in such a short span of time but along with her old friend Lance ( now a PI investigating on her behalf) she surmounts all odds (this is a spoiler if looked at in one angle) and emerges victorious.

It was hard to completely pin the blame during the course of the book and as mentioned reasonable doubt makes you waver ( even in the legal system), this adds the flavour to reading a mystery genre. The fact that Morgan’s personal life may also have received a moral boost does not go amiss.

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