The Secrets on Chicory Lane: A Novel by Raymond Benson

This book is another which I got my hands on via NetGalley and I completed it in one sitting. The main positive of the book in addition to good storytelling was its length.It is not long enough to get annoying and also not too short to stop us from bonding with the narrator.

Initially at the start of the book I wondered if I had stumbled onto the preface ( of the book) of some sort ( I had not read the story outline in a while , since downloading it a few months ago) and that mistaken assumption made it more interesting.

The story is of a woman who is facing her past in more ways than one. Being a famous novelist, her old town wants her presence, on the other hand the darker side of her past is starting to dig its way out to meet the present. We spend more time in the past in the book and watch a seemingly innocuous neighbourhood harbour more than its share of secrets.

The reason I gave this only three stars was it did not seem to be a very novel set of secrets. The writing of the book though makes its reading enjoyable.

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