Death around the Bend (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #3) by T E Kinsey

This is the third book and unfortunately the last available at this time. (#1,#2 are the previous ones rated). It was so disappointing to know that I will not be out traipsing around with Lady Hardcastle and her ever socially improving, lady’s maid Flo any time soon.

This is another fun tale with unfortunate murder and mayhem as a side attraction. The fast talking pair of Lady Hardcastle and Flo entrance new friends with their odd doings as spy for the crown. In this new adventure they set off to a new racing track of an old friend of Lady Hardcastle’s brother ( who features more prominently than before) where all they plan to do is race. Things as usual get a lot more interesting than that. There are good as well as bad mannered characters. New bonds are forged and some deep secrets are unveiled. The narrator is amazing as well ( I have heard this one on audible and not actually read it) , the inflections used make me actually see the whole reel unfolding better than ( I am surprised at this following revelation myself!) it would have with me reading.

I will wait with extreme impatience for the next book in this series and if you have so far agreed with my likes in this blog , you should definitely too.

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