Chick lit

Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts

This book was one of the few that seemed to have slipped through my fingers while I used to read only Nora Roberts. Unfortunately I don’t know if it was the time since that my tastes have changed or if this book did not tug at the heartstrings enough, I gave it only three stars on Goodreads.

The story starts off well with the lead character being narrated well as a child with a child’s thought process. Reena witnesses a fire which changes her life. It gives her life purpose and direction. The story jumps along a few years from then till when she is thirty with glimpses at regular intervals and at significant events that do not yet form a chain of thought in her mind. The book is a good book with strong lovable characters but it does not match up with some of the others of its ilk by Nora Roberts herself.


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