Chick lit

Family Tree by Susan Wiggs

There are times when a nice bright cover and a fresh looking book feels like it would be a good read with only the author as a known factor. This was one of those cases. As a policy, I try to borrow as much variety as possible from the library in order to add a bit of spark to this blog ( this is something I have to also do to make sure I do not dig my way into a happy little rut and settle there )

This book does not offer a new plot but improves on a simple life story. This story is about Annie Rush and all the people connected to her, both in the past ( who moulded her) and the present , who continue to shape her life and her. We are started off with a glimpse into her life in the present and all that she holds important and dear. In quick succession multiple things occur, the end of which cause her to go into a year-long coma. This is followed by intense physiotherapy and rebuilding. The focus on the small pieces that make up a recovery process ( both mental and physical) are well described. This last part is what makes the book a good read.

I gave it four stars because at the end of the day it is worth a read for the ‘Happily Ever After’.

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