Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance by Ruth Emmie Lang

This book was an advance copy I received via NetGalley and had a myriad of different impressions throughout the book.

My first thought was that the book’s title was a misnomer but the final conclusion I arrived at was that this book does not just mention Weylyn Grey (our lead) as a beast but that all the people who pop in and out of the story are but beasts trapped in their circumstances. This realisation and the ending that had just the right tone made this book rate higher.

Some of the parts of the book were not as good as the others but if worked through, the good part is not far behind. The story begins with Weylyn’s birth and follows him to his old age at important intervals. Nature has a way of sensing his emotions and act accordingly. This information is a revelation in progress and it has its repercussions. The life is not easy and he is not an ideal fictional character but a very human one with a childish side ( his childhood having been spent with wolves). From ‘wolf boy’ to  ‘Old Man Spider’ we can hear the tale unfold from different people and overall this was a good read.

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