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Complete Book of Sewing Techniques: More Than 30 Essential Sewing Techniques for You to Master by Wendy Gardiner

I know this book is jarring in the tone of all the other reviews in the blog so far but since this new hobby is taking a chunk of my time away from my original reviewing , I have decided to put in my two cents about the books that help me with my new craft adventures.

To all those who know me it would not come as much of a surprise that I am an enthusiastic starter. They would also know that however enthusiastic I may be about a project, unless forces or deadlines or requirements push me along the way I may not see all of the crazy schemes through.This new foray into sewing and crochet is one such scheme. Since I have made major time and money investments into it, I decided to at least make a mention on this blog if not create a whole new column/blog for it. If it sustains, I might just branch out into a blog for that as well.

So for those who have subscribed to this blog expecting certain somethings with regards to books being reviewed I am providing a partial apology in advance.

Anyway this book is one that I got via NetGalley and it is a very thorough book. It is the kind of book one would definitely keep on the shelf close at hand before attempting serious sewing. It has all sorts of tips starting from the raw materials to use and methods to use them. It seems to cover all the bases and although I have not actually carried out any projects yet, considering the fountain of information provided I am sure it will help guide the way.

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