The Black Cat (Richard Jury, #22) by Martha Grimes

Previously reviewed Richard Jury books :

  1. The Old Fox Deceiv’d (Richard Jury Series #2) by Martha Grimes
  2. Dust ( Richard Jury #21)

I realised yesterday how woefully ignorant I am at researching. In the previous blogs about this series I had mentioned the old-timey feel of the books and the style of writing. In contrast the #21 book as well as this one was slightly more up to date in trends with regards to use of modern technology. I had looked into the author and had been satisfied with the fact that the #2 book had been written in 1982 and just ran with the thought that all the books were based in a similar time. Yesterday I finally noticed that the author had written one book a year since 1985 which obviously helped get our protagonists into modern times too!

This book follows the last one I read with Richard Jury being preoccupied with an a personal moral dilemma which does not really hinder the progress of this investigation. The case involves a murder of a woman who is not immediately identified in the area where she is found. There is then the absence of a particular black cat which might just be a red herring in our path. It was not easy to stumble on the final solution ahead of Jury in this book. That one fact alone makes it a good mystery book. The book was not as funny as the last ones mostly because the entire tone seemed sombre.

There is also the fact that we can see Jury tiring of his role, as the relentless CID man who sees crime at such close quarters on a daily basis. Though sad, this is a refreshing change which seems realistic ( considering he has been solving cases for the past twenty plus years!)

Words I have not used or seen used very often before:

  • Abeyance:a state of temporary disuse or suspension.
  • non sequitur: A non sequitur, in formal logic, is an invalid argument. In a non sequitur, the conclusion is either true or false, but the argument nonetheless asserts the conclusion to be true and is thus fallacious.


P.S: You still do have to be familiar with the series in order to enjoy the book.

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