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The Vegan Cookbook – by Adele McConnell

I bumped this book up a long line ( for the first time!) of advanced copies that I am all set to read. The one reason I did this was that the cover looked tempting and I am always up for a new challenge.

I have experimented with vegan dishes multiple times because it is easier than finding any random recipe and trying to substitute enough to make it a vegetarian meal( This is when I am trying to find something different to cook). The author introduces the ethical angle initially without trying to be too forceful which is refreshing and makes it a good start.

The book is a good combination of new ideas combined with some familiar  recipes and comes with very delectable pictures. Only time will tell if the food will come out that pretty when I try my hand at them. To the uninformed, the vegan recipes mentioned in the book does not actually just replace ‘original’ ideas with substitutes but has its fair share of interesting combinations. I do have other vegan cookbooks which emphasise on slightly extravagant concoctions but this one drew a line between normal and fancy.

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