The Fifth Doll by Charlie N. Holmberg

It has been a while since I completed a book which I am following up with a review ( this is of course in the relative time with respect to my usual pattern). It is a good thing to be restarting that phase with a book such as this.

Considering the volume of stories I have delved through this year, I have wondered at where one could draw the line of originality. This book takes the prize in that regard.

The book starts off sluggishly with less information to grip the reader and I almost abandoned it twenty percent in. Then more information came in and the pace accelerated with increased information hidden behind each person. It is different from the other books of the author that I have read and enjoyed and if the start was better I would have given this the full five stars.

There seem to be deeper questions within the book layered ( pun intended, which would be clearer after reading the book) between decisions to be taken and questions in trust and it can definitely be used for discussions. This book is for people fond of experimenting with story lines and it is definitely hard to completely predict the solution or the ending.The story is of Matrona who is leading a hard life, meaningless but straightforward, when she stumbles on a secret which has a magnitude of repercussions. She learns that things may be different from what they seem and she is forced to act against her will. She can not be sure about whom to turn to in order to unburden herself and how to face up against the town tradesman. Her actions may dictate the lives of all of her tiny village.

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