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The Miracle at Speedy Motors (No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, #9) by Alexander McCall Smith

To get the introduction into the unique life of Mma Ramotswe till date, the following links into the previous book reviews will provide the brief picture.( All the better to understand the review that is to follow.)

This is the ninth instalment of the series and undoubtedly the best till date. It may not be as funny as some of the previous ones but there was a greater volume of depth than some of the others. You can visualise the questions being weighed against the power of nature ( As Mma Ramotswe does time and again , measuring her insignificance to the world at large versus unremarkable problems of the mundane). The breeze that blows over the arid lands of Botswana and feeling that ties the characters introduced to us with their homeland runs through as the veins of the country. With this particular book it felt like we have an ear to the pulse of the nation and the simple lives which of course do come with their own problems.In short this book does have a poetic soul at its core.

After that flight of fancy, I will come back to the actual story contained in the book. The major case being handled by the detective agency is of a lady trying to find her people since she was informed after her mother’s passing that they did not actually have a blood relationship after all. In the background we have a question about the adopted child, Motholeli’s ability to walk again, Mma Makutsi trying to continue to move ahead with her life and some very strange threatening anonymous notes thrown into the mix.We might have seen the last of her tiny white van by the start of the next book.

Though it makes sense to read this book in its correct order, if asked I would say this book is worth bending the rules for and pushing it up the line.



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