Chick lit

Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen

I completed this book in about one sitting. It has surprised me about how much I have missed by not picking up one of her books under the Q section at the library earlier. It is not like the books are earth shattering in any sense, just that the writing is an art form in itself. With the briefest of gestures you can interpret multiple layers of the people involved in the dialogue. Then again, I am not giving it a full five stars because it does not completely tie up loose ends leaving certain bits of information to the unknown.

Time evolves in fits and starts in the life of Mimi Miller of Miller’s valley. There is a certain back and forth , and though it takes it time, after a point the speed pick up. Mimi takes her role in her family seriously and on many occasions, literally. With one or two quirky dispositions, she grows up, learns about life and moves on. This book gets more involved towards the end when the ground is set. People change in some ways and in others none at all, and Mimi comes to terms with her knowledge of how the world works while nursing deep seated bonds which connect her to her roots. The background of the costs of ‘development’ in the world are also discussion worthy.

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