The Last Day of Emily Lindsey by Nic Joseph

This is a book I got my hands on via NetGalley and it was published quite recently. It definitely qualifies as a thriller as opposed to being a mystery because it is seemingly clear about what the final solution or outcome may be while the lives of all involved may be in jeopardy almost all the time due to layers of hidden secrets.

The story begins with introducing us to the central character in the present time, Steven Paul who has chronic nightmares that have seeped into all aspects of his life. We trace his life in fits and starts to see the journey from when he finally has loving foster parents to his current dilemma. Parallelly we are also shown the past that might have bearing on the current circumstances. Last but not the least we are also shown the last day of Emily Lindsey as the title suggests. How all three narratives tie together is the crux of the story. Steven Paul is fighting for his sanity and his job when his path crosses with Emily Lindsey and from there the tale pick off. Till that point we need to be patient.

To me, the ideal culmination of a secret twist is that it should not be immediately identifiable but also should not be so bizarre that we feel cheated by such an occurrence leading us to not enjoy the story. This story lives by that rule and can therefore be classified as a good book.

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