The Secret Mother by Shalini Boland

This is a book I received via NetGalley and completed in exactly one sitting.The first thing to note would probably the fact that the tension in multiple situations was escalated and let to fall a couple of times in that short a time.

The ending reveals itself to you in phases so it does not come as a surprise when all is revealed.This particular reason is why I rated it only four stars instead of five.Despite that I think the tag of ‘thriller’ is a closer fit than that of a mystery.

The story begins by introducing us to an unbalanced Tessa Markham. How unbalanced she is , is a point for speculation and people around her do just that on multiple times during the course of the story. She comes home to the presence of a small boy in her kitchen, engrossed in drawing something. She immediately makes two phone calls and then then chaos ensues. Her life is turned upside down, her sanity questioned and relationships forged and broken. As mentioned earlier , it is a short book and I was impressed by the (good) amount packed into that space.

I have not had the luxury of creating my mood list till now, and will be following up shortly in a day or two with the most latest list.If you are reading this and do not know what my lists are, please check in again later.

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