Historical fiction, Mystery

Behold, Here’s Poison (Inspector Hannasyde #2) by Georgette Heyer

I initially intended ( With all good intentions) to stick to my plan of putting together all books of a series under one review. Considering my lack of activity and my deplorable progress with books on my list at this time, I felt compelled to write this down now instead of later( I have yet to finish reading this series).

This is part of my ongoing effort to read all of Georgette Heyer’s work. I completed Inspector Hemingway’s series ( #1,#2,#3,#4) and really enjoyed that series. This series concerning Inspector Hannasyde with Hemingway as an eager sidekick is a precursor and therefore not exactly as enjoyable. I have previously reviewed the #1 of the series.This book was not far from the previous mark, mostly because the Inspector did not do much of the solving in this murder either. He seemed to just be told of the required information after the fact. All of this does not diminish the essence of the writing though and as long as you are a fan of this brand of writing, this tale can be relished as a story and not as the mystery it sets out to be.

This story is of a seemingly completely unlikable man who is found dead after havig quarrels with all his family members. Once it is dicovered to be of unnatural causes, there is a lot to uncover. It is the usual cast of characters, sometimes not of a sound mind and sometimes of a weak one.Their interactions add the gaitey to the story.

It has not put me off reading the next book and hopefully the Inspector reveals more of his abilities that make him a superior at Scotland Yard in the next installment.

Fun words I highlighted using the kindle and then found to be listed in the Beta version of Goodreads under private notes which helped this list be compiled:

  • apostrophised:address an exclamatory passage in a speech or poem to (someone or something)- never noticed this usage before in particular.
  • expatiate: speak or write at length or in detail.
  • canard: an unfounded rumor or story.
    mid 19th century: from French, literally ‘duck,’ also ‘hoax,’ from Old French caner ‘to quack.’ ( Google offered my this titbit and I thought it interesting enough to paste here)
  • Lenten:of, in, or appropriate to Lent
  • Myrmidon:
    a member of a warlike Thessalian people led by Achilles at the siege of Troy.
    • a hired ruffian or unscrupulous subordinate.



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