A Better World (Brilliance Saga, #2) by Marcus Sakey

This was another offline review being uploaded in real-time, and I am beginning to think that reviewing all books of a series at the same time may not be an effective tool in recommending current titles. I might just be putting up more individual reviews instead.

This ,the second book of the brilliance series ( as the title of the post clearly states ) , contains more action than my usual fare. The last book left the country of USA in turmoil, both political and emotional without giving us a hint that much, much worse was yet to come.Plots within plots hatched by extremists on either side of the power battles between the norms and the abnorms( refer Brilliance Saga, #1 for previous references)

Nick cooper is having to live with the aftermath of his actions at the end of the last book. His life and those around him are in the crosshairs of the bigger battle.His survival along with their democracy is in peril and he needs to be quick on feet. This installment only adds more information without any resolution and therefore I am eagerly waiting to complete the next and final part, while continuing to hope for a version of a happily ever after

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