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Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel

goodreads link to the book for all the people involved in creating it and other info: GoodReads Link

I am a huge fan of the original series. The kind of loyalty I feel to the series made me dislike the Netflix versions trailer on the spot. I hesitated before downloading this version from NetGalley but I decided to give it a shot due to the good reviews on Goodreads.

This book is the comic strip version of the first book where anne arrives at green gables. I liked bits of it but felt some more panels could have focused on other parts of the story, providing more detail than it did. I can imagine it would be extremely hard to condense such a well-loved piece of literature into a shorter version and the author and illustrators have done a good job in that sense. The only reason I do not rate it higher than I did is because of the length of time I have lived in that world and have a very fixed idea in my mind about the images , some of which could not be shaken. But for someone with an open mind, you should definitely try this book out!( Some of the illustrations are very good). Anne is an orphan mistakenly brought to the home of the Cuthbert siblings. Both Matthew and Marilla are good people with different approaches to life. This whirlwind of words who has landed on their doorstep lights up, adds colour and a whole lot of zing to the life of town and their inhabitants.


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