Snap Judgment (Samantha Brinkman, #3) by Marcia Clark

The previous books were reviewed in the bulk reviews in the following links : #1,#2

This is the third installment of Sam Brinkman and her faithful cronies Mitchy and Alex. This series is written well and is a refreshing read. This, of course, does not mean that the content is for the faint of heart. Samantha Brinkman is a tough person who faces even tougher situations in her line of work, facing each with an attitude to be marvelled at. This particular book was my favourite of the lot so far, because although her character is no longer a mystery(for this to make sense, read the first book), the case takes multiple speed bumps and turns on its way to the end.

The story begins with a look into a troubled mind facing the ultimate humiliation and it is not an easy way to begin the story. Then the pace goes back to normal from the investigative point of view. There is no concrete case for Sam to handle yet, but she needs to build up a good defence nevertheless ( since she was approached in her capacity as a defence lawyer). There is a lot of legwork involved and a debt from the past keeps her on her toes as well. Dale, Sam’s father is by her side as they work out the secret kinks that she can not share with anyone else.

The book’s lead is an interesting character and that alone can put this book on many a bookshelf.

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