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The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 2: 1953-1954 by Charles M. Schulz

While looking through a completely new aisle at the local library, I stumbled onto a complete collection of Peanuts!. As previously mentioned in another review I was an obsessive comic strip collector and somehow I never managed to get hooked to Peanuts as I did with Calvin and Hobbes. But with time and more insights and the fact that this was a complete collection, impressions change.

I really enjoyed this book as much as you can while feeling a pang for the insecurities and meanness that constitutes daily life of children.

If you have not met the cast of peanuts before ( which would be very few people in the world) they constitute primarily at this stage of six kids.

Charlie Brown has the most stacked up against him and he tends to be the butt of most comments but he carries on. Snoopy the dog ( who looked different in the later comics that I am used to) who has an intelligent role of his own. Lucy the loud child who does not necessarily treat her younger brother Linus too well. Linus is growing up in this collection and he was my favourite character. Patty , Shermy,Schroeder and Violet are the other kids with Pig-pen and Charlotte joining their ranks toward the end.

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