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I Should Be Writing: A Writer’s Workshop by Mur Lafferty

When I was younger , our school had something deemed innovative called ‘English Lab’. We would dissect tapes and try out different pieces to a prescribed guideline.The guidelines would consist of basic grammar, rules of haikus or other structured writing and tentative story situations. I start with this brief introduction because this book took me back to those fun sessions.

The book contains age-old wisdom in very interesting packaging making it a thoroughly energizing read. The exercises at the end of the book contain very interesting ideas that I am sure to sit down with someday. I do not intend at this time to take up writing as a vocation or a career but this book has enough ideas to help with even a bit of writing, in passing, like the reviews that I have been pursuing( Even if I may not have used any tips on this review itself).

To all those out there who need a little bit of variety to experiment with their writing, this would be a welcome addition.The author I believe is already well-known in this field.

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