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Tea Time for the Traditionally Built (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, #10) by Alexander McCall Smith

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This is the tenth book in the series and in no uncertain terms, the series is getting better by the book. All the people in the book have settled into their roles but they still have things to offer us in terms of insights and new angles to them.

One of the lines in the book ( would be hard to quote all the ones that were good!) “..There is so much else that the heart had to learn” indicates the tone of the series at this time. It is all about the heart, of a country, a woman, a family member trying to help, a child joyous attempts to learn and the pride that goes along with it. Mma Makutsi is critical as ever but is facing issues in her easy-going engagement due to an old nemesis. Mma Ramotswe is handling a case in a topic she knows nothing about and fighting for her white van. The apprentices are shown in a more favourable light in this book as is JLB Maketoni( the mild-mannered husband). Mma Potokwane makes a guest appearance and the life goes on.

Considering that it is the same author who writes both this and the Scotland street series [ previously reviewed:(44 Scotland Street, #1),((44 Scotland Street, #9) ,44 Scotland Street, #8], it is amazing the vast expanse of human emotion that he is able to describe and entrance us with.

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