Random Fiction

The Closer (Ceiling Smashers #1) by Shaz Kahng

This is a book that I downloaded through NetGalley a while ago. It is the story of one woman’s journey into uncharted territories and surmounting many odds, becoming a success.

The first realization at the completion of the book was that I would have enjoyed it more if its content had been split over two or three books. The book’s tone toes the line between a self-help non fiction and actual fiction. Since the information comes from a treasure trove of actual business experience, it is an interesting read but for a person like me who is not very comfortable with reading non-fiction, does not hit the right note.

Apart from the actual narration, the story has it all, the struggle to achieve in a world stacked against you as well as scheming untrustworthy people. It highlights actual struggles and could very well be a discussion centerpiece at a reading group but I need to mention again, it would have been a better read if told in multiple books.


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