The Broken Girls by Simone St. James

This is a book I received via NetGalley and completed in one sitting today. I have taken quite a detour from this genre for the last couple of books and this one was a welcome return to the fold ( of suspense/thrillers). This story borders on the horror tagline but does not end up in that category all the way through.

The story weaves seamlessly between the two eras being narrated in the book. It has the ‘broken girls’ as advertised in the title , but the girls are more than just that. They embody the bonds that hold people to each other, trust , loyalty and all that those words signify, in a good and right world.In the current time, Fiona is still tied to her sister’s murder twenty years earlier.In the process of walking the roads where it had happened, she stumbles on a new development that literally opens the gates to further revelations. Once the ball gets rolling, we are quickly ( but not too quickly) taken through the multiple lives entwined in the story. I remember hearing this dialogue in an old GhostBusters animated episode that “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”( true origins of the statement is unknown to me). This dialogue could be set as a background track to story as it unfolds. There is an extra element thrown in, of the shadowy unaccountable presence in the background which adds to the darkness of the book.

Each of the women is a full and realistic character, someone you could get behind and encourage on in the tale, making it  a very satisfying read.

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