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The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg

Arthur Moses is the sort of person who epitomizes the idea that good intentions and behaviour travel out in waves , touch and change lives.

This book in many ways is about Arthur Moses, later named TRULUV who continues to have lunch with his wife six months after has she passed away, at the graveyard.Here he encounters seventeen( later eighteen) year old Maddy. Maddy Harris is hiding from bullies at school and sometimes from the world at large. They start to talk and though not much is said, a bond is forged. The lonely neighbour Lucille is also excited about changes in her life. When things get hard, the three of them form an eclectic family worthy of a tv show. Life goes on for them, the delicate dance of relationships and the quirky comments in between ( natural to most families) touch the heart.

This book has all the factors to cause you to tear up, new relationships and second chances, and endearing characters.The narration is also different from the other books of the author that I have read and liked :

Tapestry of Fortunes,The Year of Pleasures

I received this book via NetGalley and really enjoyed it.

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