Random Fiction

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

I received this book via NetGalley after I requested it, and I had requested it because of extremely high ratings on Goodreads. Unfortunately, I did not end up aligning myself with all those reviews.

It is not extremely rare for me to like certain books that the rest of world does, mostly because I like an element of triumph in my books. This book is a story about four siblings who set out to find a fortune-teller who could tell you the day on which you would die. Once this information is received, they react to it in different ways. Either because of the information they have been provided or their inherent traits, each choose different ways to lead life and cope with what adversity throws at them. There is a thread of despair that is threaded through all the narrations told by each sibling in turn. This mood is what threw me off. How and where they end up is the crux of the tale.

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