Historical fiction

The Address by Fiona Davis

This is one of the few books left on my Kindle from the NetGalley requests I have made, and I enjoyed it.

This story is based a hundred years apart and around the same physical location.It is not a ghost story in the typical sense, but it does involve looking back at the past for the way forward for our lead lady. Sara Smythe, in England in 1885, is given a chance to change her life drastically by moving all the way to New York. This chance comes due to a chance encounter and her presence of mind. Parallelly Bailey Camden in 1985 is not an ideal heroine, she is dealing with hard life choices and she ends up in the Dakota ( actual building with historical significance in NY) and there the connection begins to get clearer. Sara is fighting bigger odds, and her repercussions are stronger than what Bailey is going through but there is a common thread of self inquiry that both end up doing. There is only a partial ‘happily ever after’ but the book is very thorough and lets us envision a time when the city may have not yet reached the pinnacle is style, the style which is the city’s claim to fame in current times.

I have never actually noticed the building when I was in the city but after reading the book I wish I had.The story is only based on a real location and is fiction otherwise.


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