Written in Fire (Brilliance Saga #3) by Marcus Sakey

#1,#2are the reviews of the previous books. The important thing would be to make sure one has a fleeting understanding of the previous books before venturing to read this one.The book has its full impact only then.

This is the concluding book in the series ( or is it?) , and it tries to wrap up all the loose ends from the previous stories. The country of USA is on the brink of a civil war, with factions on each side trying to destroy the other. The story begins in New York, the white house no longer exists and a scientist may have made a breakthrough with regards to why some people are born ‘Brilliant’. This scientist is on the run and Cooper( The hero) and Ethan(the scientist’s protegé) are on his tail and Bobby Quinn(DAR) is close behind.This leads back to our original villain, John Smith and his plans for the world.

This final episode of the adventure, has open warfare, emotions running high and the end of the battle, with appropriate revelations. This series is definitely worth the time spent on it.

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