The Homecoming by Alan Russell

I have been a big fan of Alan Russell’s books previously:

The last of this list of previously reviewed books is a sort of prequel to this one, since it is mentioned a couple of times in reference. The lead of the tale is the same Detective Cheever.

This story borders on fantasy , at each stage giving more than one possible explanation, one of which you would need active imagination for. Considering the tone and speed of those books listed above, this book fell short. It was not bad enough to dislike, but actively enjoying is another matter.

The main storyline is pretty simple, seven-year old Stella goes missing from her room, with no outward signs of a struggle.This causes an avalanche of changes to life in her household. Seven years pass by, and at a crucial moment, Stella is back ringing the front doorbell. The rest of the book is about her resettlement into the community and the explanations associated with it all. There also seem to be extra people in the background running constant interference in this part of the story.

There is not much satisfaction provided at the end of the story, but the book can be read once.


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