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Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen

I chanced upon this book at the start of my day in the NetGalley catalog and was very happy about this discovery. I proceeded to download and read it almost immediately.

This book is a collection of her individual comics ( on instagram/facebook and elsewhere),  a few I personally had not seen before. The beauty of the panels are that most of them are instinctively relatable with subtle humour. For those who have seen or been in some of those situations, the punch line is apparent. This book comes in two parts though, with one part being the panels. The second part is encouragement to deal with trying to do something in this interconnected world where everyone has an opinion, some of which you want and others not. This section is also accompanied by associated comics which help drive the point in the usual laid back style.

This book is definitely for the die-hard fans of the author. For those who are new, it can still be a great experience.


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