Historical fiction, Mystery

Maisie Dobbs (Maisie Dobbs #1) by Jacqueline Winspear

At the rate of a book a day, one ends up living in a different world each day. There is a craving for similarity while on the other hand, variety spices up the day. There are only finite combination of ideas( I would imagine), some combinations are more unique than others. This tale shares boundaries with Agatha Christie , war period dramas on one end and a pinch of Sherlock Holmes thrown in.

The story is of young Maisie Dobbs who has set out on a solo adventure as a ‘Trade and Personal Investigator’ and later, as more than that. We are not privy to all the cases she handles, just the one. This book spends half the time on the case at hand, the other half lets us look into the life Maisie has lived and what brought her to this point in life. Its a relatively serious book, without much of the humour I have become accustomed to ( due to Georgette Heyer ). This does not take away from the story and the serious female lead who has a lot of things on her mind. This is a good book to start off a series with, but I am hoping the next few in the series will be better.

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